Future Starter is an innovation platform focused around open collaboration. We invite the start-up community and innovators from across the World to share ideas and solutions with the Income Future Starter team.

Challenges are refined problem statements submitted by different business and operational divisions at Income. You may apply for these challenges if your start-up offers a potential solution to any one of the problem statements.

First, you will have to select the challenge you’d like to apply for. You’ll have to register and/or sign in before submitting your proposals. When submitting your proposal to the challenge, you will need to answer all mandatory questions about your company and your proposed solution. Please upload your documents in PDF format.

We will require a short description of the proposal as well as your company profile. Each submission should include the general value proposition of your solution, the proposed proof-of-concept (POC) which can be developed within a competitive time frame and the cost of the proposed solution. You may include additional information to support your proposal. Please upload your documents in PDF format.

As long as your start-up is able to provide a solution to any of our challenges, please submit your proposal to us!

Once your proposal is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from us. We will contact the shortlisted start-ups within 14 days after the closing date of the challenge for a face-to-face or video-conference pitch and a detailed POC discussion. We expect a high volume of submissions. Hence, we regret that only selected start-ups will be notified.

You will be invited to a face-to-face or video-conference pitch and a detailed POC discussion with us. During this session, we’ll focus on the details of the proposed POC and the potential measurement metrics for an agreed POC timeframe. We will notify all shortlisted start-ups of our decision to award the POC contract within 21 days after the pitch.

We will notify shortlisted start-ups of our decision within 21 days after the face-to-face or video conference pitch and embark on all necessary legal paperwork at the same time.

There is always a POC budget for each listed challenge. Start-ups are expected to work within the indicated budget. If you’re able to provide a solution at a lower cost than the upper limit of our budget, please indicate it in your proposal submission.

While we do love to work hand-in-hand as we execute our vision of the solutions, it is not mandatory to work on premise with our team.

No. However, we reserve the right to select the most appropriate start-up to work on the challenges.

After the POC has been completed, we will measure its success based on a set of success indicators and measurement metrics relevant to the POC. If the POC is deemed successful, we will look into scaling-up the solution. Additional paperwork may be required then.

If you have a great solution which you’d like to share with us, just use the sharing form on the Future Starter home page and we’ll get back to you shortly.

By registering on our platform, you’ll be notified of new challenges and become part of our start-up community so that we may contact you directly for potential projects. We will also continue to improve our platform to provide more features for registered users.

If you’re a customer or an innovator with ideas, we welcome you to use the sharing form on the Future Starter home page to share your innovations with us. Please note that ideas shared using such channels are not protected by intellectual property laws as it will be considered public disclosures.

The team is based in Singapore. We are part of Income and are constantly looking at ways to enhance our customers’ experience with insurance and to provide value-added products for those in Singapore, including the unserved and underserved communities here.